Prevent Diabetes and Associated Diseases Naturally!


To have a better quality of life, diabetes must keep their mouth healthy. Just over 30 years ago, diabetes was an almost unknown disease, today it is estimated that 10% of adults worldwide suffer from it and in Venezuela it is positioned as the fourth leading cause of death. Considering that more than 40% of the population is unaware of its diagnosis, it is possible that the mortality rate is higher. With this dramatic initial comment, the idea is to make people in the world aware of the impact of a lack of knowledge about a disease that is increasingly taking over and that could prevent or delay its onset.

In the case of diabetics, they should be kept informed to avoid the terrible consequences. Generally, when the patient is not treated properly, he loses 10 years of life, which can be recovered with preventive measures and also gain quality.

Keep your Mouth Healthy:

Freddy Febres Balestrini, president of the Institute of Cardiometabolic Prevention (Ipcam) and Fundadiabetes in Caracas (Venezuela), reveals that in the latest research on diabetes, it was determined that patients with this diagnosis are more than 80% likely of suffering from periodontal disease (inflammation of the gums) and are not able to adequately defend against infection. “It is a source of chronic inflammation and the most important risk that all obese or hypertensive diabetics have of promoting atherosclerosis and complications. There cannot be a diabetic who is treated properly if he has an infected mouth. Timely treatment of periodontal disease significantly decreases hypertension in diabetics, says Febres and the results of the study in more than 1,200 patients in the Ipcam will be presented internationally.

Prevent Cardiovascular Diseases:

“Diabetes is a disease that deteriorates greatly and must be addressed quickly and treated intensively if you want to have a better quality of life”.

So far it has not been possible to successfully avoid cardiovascular disease in diabetes. In countries like the United States, 84% of diabetics over 64 years of age die from this diagnosis, the main ones being myocardial infarction and stroke (CVA), the specialist says. “At the Institute we have found that cardiovascular risk starts from prediabetes. When this is compared with people with normal (non-diabetic) glucose, prediabetics have twice as many arteriosclerotic plaques in the carotid arteries and diabetics have four times the plaques. Our proposal is that if you want to prevent cardiovascular disease, you should start all prevention in prediabetes with the possibility that this intensive treatment prevents or delays the onset of diabetes.” The longer it takes for diabetes to appear, the less conflict the patient will have.

Preventive Measures Against Diabetes:

Febres urges the rulers to invest in prevention to save a lot of money in healing, and the fundamental thing is to promote sports and guide people to eat healthy. “It has been shown that food is a source of inflammation (obesity) and this is constant in all cardiometabolic diseases and is a cause of deterioration. You have to educate the population; with the same money you spend on junk food you can spend on healthy food. There are measures that are available to anyone to prevent or delay diabetes.” Pasteurized soft drinks and juices use corn syrup, a fructose-rich sweetener (simple sugar) that deteriorates and inflames the body. The liver does not need to ingest sugar because it produces it from vegetables, fruits and saccharides. So the first measure is: decrease sugar consumption.

  • Do not consume saturated fats
  • Exercise
  • Use olive oil and canola, not corn
  • No Smoking
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Avoid stress
  • Keep your mouth healthy
  • Eat fish such as sardines and foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids

Prevention Measures for Diabetics:

  • They must eat healthy
  • Avoid obesity
  • Keep sugar and cholesterol level
  • Exercise


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