Internal Herpes: What Are the Most Effective Medications?


The internal herpes, known as herpes zoster or shingles enters the body at any time of life. The first manifestation is chickenpox. But then he can “wait” for a long time asleep until he attacks again. After this typical childhood infection, the virus lodges in a nerve ending (it can be the skin or a ganglion) and remains dormant until something wakes it up. The severity or frequency of the condition is greater in people who have low defenses and the elderly.

Medications for Internal Herpes:

When you go to the doctor for a treatment for internal herpes, he will tell you that there are several medications at your disposal. But you should know that none prevents the virus from doing its thing again. Therefore let me explain the alternatives that the specialist can indicate:

  • Antiviral Medication:

They are used to reduce the severity and duration of the disease. Treatment begins 72 hours after the first symptom or the appearance of the rash (especially on the torso but also on the face, neck, ears or eyes). The pain may begin long before the sores or blisters are noticed.

  • Anti-Inflammatory Medication:

Many doctors prescribe this type of medicine for internal herpes. One of the examples are cortiesteroids (such as prednisone) that reduce inflammation and reduce the risk of suffering from postherpetic neuralgia that attacks the nerves in a serious way and the pain is maintained long after the sores left.

  • Other Medication:

In the case that shingles has been revived because the person suffers from depression or stress, the doctor can tell him to use antidepressants or anxiolytics. If the patient has very severe pain, perhaps the only thing that calms the symptoms is narcotic pain relievers such as codeine. If the signs of herpes are not very serious and you can live normally you may want to consume an over-the-counter pain reliever such as ibuprofen.

And What Else Can I Do Besides Taking Medication?

Many times people do not want to take drugs to treat herpes. It may be because he already takes several medications or because he prefers more natural and not so invasive options for the body. While you are recovering from the outbreak you can try to rest a little more than usual, take vacations or a few days off at work. It will also help you to perform various relaxation techniques such as Tai Chi or meditation, give you immersion baths with warm water and oatmeal flakes and especially enjoy pleasant activities such as playing with your family, reading under the shade of a tree or taking a walk to the dog. In this way internal herpes cannot manifest and you will enjoy better health. Ideally, you can apply a comprehensive program such as the HERPES DEFINITIVE PROTOCOL, by Melanie Addington. With this help you will have absolutely all angles covered to weaken the virus more and more, while increasing your body’s own ability to defend against future attacks. In this way you can live practically without herpes, healthy and healthy body.



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