6 Important Reasons to Drink Water with Lemon You May Like It!


Lemon water is a perfect option to hydrate your body with some flavor. Numerous scientific studies have already confirmed their healthy properties and many celebrities have already signed up to the fashion of water with lemon … Do you want to know why? Today I show you 7 important reasons based on scientific studies that confirm why lemon water is so good for your health.

What is Water with Lemon?

Water with lemon is simply a drink made from lemon juice and water. To make it, you only have to squeeze one or several lemons, according to your taste and the amount you want to obtain, and mix the juice with water. I prefer to also add some mint or peppermint leaves or the lemon peel itself and, sometimes, I also put slices of lime; but you can put any healthy ingredient you like. In addition, the good thing about this drink is that you can take it both cold and hot, which allows you to adapt it to the season of the year in which we are and turn it into a cool and refreshing drink in summer or a warm and comforting drink in winter, by example. Actually, a glass of water with lemon does not give you many nutrients, but you should keep in mind that for each glass of water mixed with the juice of a single lemon you will be consuming:

  • Vitamin C: 36% CDR (recommended daily amount).
  • Calories:7.
  • Sugar:1 g

“In other words, the lemon water is a very low-calorie drink and sugars and rich in vitamin C”.

By just drinking 3 glasses of water with lemon you will have already satisfied the daily need for vitamin C that your body requires; and that without taking into account that vitamin C increases with the number of lemons you squeeze.

Why is it Good to Drink Lemon Water?

1. Reduces the Risk of Kidney Stones:

Drinking water with lemon can significantly reduce the risk of kidney stones, mainly in people prone to it. Kidney stones or kidney stones are formed due to excessive accumulation of mineral debris that crystallizes in the urine and can be prevented with a substance containing lemons. The citric acid is a compound present in amounts very high in citrus fruits and which has been shown to reduce the risk of kidney stones by binding with calcium. According to the studies, citric acid is able to reduce the concentration of calcium in the urine, which prevents its crystallization and prevents the formation of oxalate stones and calcium phosphate. There are also many studies that have specifically analyzed the effects of lemon water intake on kidney stone prevention and the results have been very favorable

2. Help Regulate Glucose:

Lemons are a fruit rich in antioxidant substances with powerful health effects. Two of these substances, belonging to the family of flavonoid antioxidants, are responsible; in this case, for helping you have normal blood glucose levels. According to several studies, hesperidin is as effective as fenformin or metformin in reducing and regulating blood sugar in diabetic people. The antioxidant diosmin, on the other hand, also participates in the glycemic process favoring an optimal level of blood glucose. In other words, if you are diabetic or have blood sugar problems, drinking a few glasses of water with lemon every day will greatly improve this symptom of diabetes.

3. Protects you Against Cancer:

Lemon water has several qualities that make it an “anticancer” food. First of all, you should know that vitamin C has been associated very positively with a lower risk of numerous types of cancer thanks to its action as an antioxidant.

  • Inhibits and reduces oxidative stress in molecules, cells, proteins …
  • Reduce chronic inflammation.
  • Prevents the formation of carcinogenic substances.

Secondly, hesperidin comes into play, of which I have already spoken just at the previous point and which contributes to a lower risk of cancer by combating two risk factors: inflammation and oxidation

4. Prevents Heart Disease:

At this point, I am sure that you are not surprised when I list all the healthy properties of vitamin C, since I have treated them again and again in many articles. But it is that once again in this post it is again the vitamin C responsible for the water with lemon has the virtue of promoting and improving the health of your heart. Did you know that if you have vitamin C deficiency you have 2.4 times more risk of having a heart attack, especially if you are hypertensive or overweight? Yes, yes, as you read it: Vitamin C plays a very important role in protecting your heart against heart and chronic diseases. But that is not all… It is also important to mention that there are other antioxidant compounds present in lemon water that reduce the chances of cardiovascular disease: hesperidin and diosmin.

To Give You an Idea:

Hesperidin reduces certain markers of inflammation and improves endothelial function and lipid profile (cholesterol, triglycerides …) , which translates into better heart health and, therefore, a reduced risk of suffering from any heart disease

Other Benefits:

So far, I’ve only talked about the benefits of water with lemon for containing lemon juice, but … what about the healthy properties of running water? Water with lemon is made with two ingredients, water and lemon juice, and although the latter has nutrients and other essential substances for the body, we must not forget everything that water brings us. Some of the most important and prominent benefits of drinking water include:

5. Promotes Weight Loss:

Many studies have confirmed that simply drinking half a liter of water before each meal increases weight reduction by 44% and cause the person to eat fewer calories. Also, if you drink the 2 liters of water per day that experts recommend, you will be burning 96 more calories each day. Remember that water with lemon barely contains calories and sugars, unlike other drinks, and this also favors weight loss.

6. Increase Physical Performance:

Drinking water is the best way to keep your body hydrated, both at rest and when you exercise. If you practice sports with some frequency, you will know that the subject of liquids is vital to carry out any training and that your performance depends largely on the degree of hydration of your body. In fact, it has been observed that people who are perfectly hydrated before starting a physical activity have a higher performance than those who have a fluid deficit. In addition, you can make lemon water your isotonic drink. Add salt and sugar and take it when you finish your training session: this will help you recover faster.


Lemon acid can damage tooth enamel and increase the risk of tooth decay if you drink water with lemon in large quantities. Use a straw to avoid contact with your teeth or brush your teeth an hour (never before) after drinking lemon water.



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