7 Excellent Healthy Foods with a Low Glycemic Index!


Do you want to learn in a few minutes what are the foods with low glycemic index and that will allow you to have a healthier diet? Keep reading that I will teach you what the glycemic index is, and how you can use it to efficiently organize your eating plan.

What is the Glycemic Index?

It is a kind of dimensionless system that was developed in 1981 thanks to Dr. J. Jenkins and his team; It serves to measure the speed in which a food is absorbed by the body and is converted into glucose. The higher the glycemic index, the faster the absorption and transformation of the food into glucose, after being consumed.

What is the Glycemic Index For?

It is particularly useful for people who want to control their diabetes more effectively , since by eating foods that take time to process and transform into blood sugar, a stable condition can be maintained more easily during the day. This measure can also be used in order to make excellent eating plans for people who want to lose weight.

Why Does the Glycemic Index Work in a Diet to Reduce Body Fat?

When foods that raise blood sugar levels are consumed very quickly, losing weight is more complicated, because when glucose rises a lot, the body has to consume a greater amount of energy to generate insulin, in order to Lowering high glucose levels, then the body to replenish the energy consumed makes you more hungry. What I want to share now is a list of 7 foods that have a low glycemic index, which will be very useful for organizing your diet in a much smarter way:

1. Grapes:

Among the nutrients of the grape stand out iodine, phosphoric, vitamin C , tartaric acid, tannin and malic.

 Benefits of Consuming Grapes on a Regular Basis

  • Improves cardiovascular health:this is due to the nutrients of the grape, as they serve to effectively dilate the blood vessels of the body, thus achieving the important goal of preventing the appearance of blood clots.
  • Treat degenerative diseases:the large amount of antioxidants that the grape possesses is ideal to take care of the state of the body in a better way.
  • Excellent diuretic:this property is important as it serves to accelerate the process of elimination of salts and uric acid in the body.

2. Grapefruit:

Grapefruit is very easy to get in stores. The nutrients it contains are the following: fiber, vitamin C, quercetin, naringenin, naringin, magnesium, potassium , carotenoids, folic acid, citric acid, tartaric acid, oxalic acid and malic acid.

Benefits of Consuming Grapefruits on a Regular Basis:

  • Immune system improvement:The folic acid you have serves to improve the production of white blood cells and red blood cells.
  • Reduces cholesterol levels:Grapefruit fiber positively influences cholesterol level. If you are having trouble controlling your cholesterol level , it is a good idea to start consuming grapefruit more regularly and thus get better results.

3. Apple:

The apple is very tasty food; in addition, you can prepare many homemade desserts with it. Among the nutrients of the apple, we can mention: quercetin, pectin, malic acid and flavonoids.

Benefits of Consuming Apples on a Regular Basis:

  • Fights constipation:the large amount of fiber that the apple has improves the functioning of the digestive system, which makes it very effective in treating cases of constipation.
  • Lower bad cholesterol:one of the functions that pectin fulfills is to capture and mitigate LBD (low density lipoprotein) or “bad” cholesterol found in high amounts.

4. Walnut:

The nut is a type of dried fruit. There are different nuts that you can start eating more often to effectively take advantage of the benefits they give you. Apart from the nut are almonds, pistachios, hazelnuts, cashews and many more. One of the best nuts you can consume is the nut because of its low glycemic index.

Benefits of Eating Nuts on a Regular Basis:

  • Improves mental health: it has antioxidants, vitamin E, folic acid and other nutrients that improve cognitive ability and treat oxidative stress, the latter has been linked to premature aging.
  • Allied to treat diabetes: lt is a healthy fat that has the nut influences positively on levels of blood glucose in people with diabetes.
  • Lose weight:when eating nuts, hunger tends to decrease, so if a person wishes to lose body weight, they can choose to consume nuts and thus feed in a better way.

5. Natural Yogurt:

Nutrients of natural yogurt we can mention: good amounts of protein, probiotics , calcium , vitamin A, vitamin B and vitamin D.

Benefits of Consuming Natural Yogurt on a Regular Basis:

  • Lower cholesterol levels:this happens because of the good amount of probiotics you have.
  • Treat allergies:Probiotics also play a fundamental role in this benefit.

6. Tomato:

It has a glycemic index of 38. The tomato has vitamin A, vitamin B and vitamin C, low amount of fat, also has potassium, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus.

Benefits of Consuming Tomatoes on a Regular Basis:

  • Improves digestion:acidic organic salts and fiber in tomatoes is phenomenal to have a support in the digestive process.
  • Low sodium: Because ithas a very low amount of sodium, it is ideal for people who have problems controlling blood pressure .

7. Orange:

The nutrients found in orange are: sodium, potassium, vitamin C, vitamin D, antioxidants, iron , amino acids and many more, which make it a great food.

Benefits of Consuming Oranges on a Regular Basis:

  • It helps to lose weight:because it contains a low amount of calories and has a great flavor; It is an ideal fruit for people who want to improve their physical condition.
  • Protect against colds:its good amount of vitamin C is excellent when it comes to improving your immune system, since it makes it much stronger and so you are less prone to colds.



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