Radish and Vinegar Seeds that Helps for Vitiligo Cure!


The prevalence of Vitiligo is increasing rapidly and in the last decade this has been very exploited by the cosmetic and medical industry. Conventional vitiligo treatments are too expensive and not 100% effective. But there are several natural remedies to cure Vitiligo and this with radish and vinegar seeds is one of them.

Radish Seeds – Properties:

Radish is an integral part of most salads. However, radish seeds are also edible and are also used in the production of oil (a particular variety of radish seeds). It has a sweet-spicy taste and is sometimes also used as a spice. In many traditions, radish seeds are used externally to treat certain skin conditions. They are usually ground in paste form before applying.


Vinegar is nothing more than a diluted form of acetic acid (the percentage of acetic acid differs depending on the type of vinegar), often used in cooking.

“It is a strong antibacterial agent, one must be very careful when selecting vinegar to apply it on the skin as a medicine”.

Vinegar commercially used for pickling has 20% acetic acid; in alternative medicine, a more diluted vinegar should be used. This can be done by adding distilled water to the vinegar. Vinegar has numerous health benefits, when consumed; it controls cholesterol and blood glucose. An additive is also used in weight loss diets; however, the most important medical use of vinegar is in the treatment of skin conditions and skin infections. [One caveat, prolonged use of vinegar can cause stomach ulcers and ulcers in other parts of the digestive system, whenever you consume vinegar make sure you consume less and also in a much diluted form]

Radish and Vinegar Seeds to Treat Vitiligo:

For patients with vitiligo, a mixture of seeds of radish and vinegar should be applied externally to affected areas of the skin. To make the mixture, take about 25 grams of radish seeds and mix them in fine powder. Make a fine paste by mixing this powder in two teaspoons of diluted vinegar and apply it to discolored skin. The pigmentation will return gradually and you will see a good improvement. Do this twice a day. When practiced on a regular basis, this method should help the regeneration of melanin, therefore, restore the natural color to the skin. It is advised to practice this method for about 5-6 months for visible repigmentation. This paste should not be preserved; you should prepare this paste every time before applying and this will mean that the skin will regain its color. To obtain significant results, this procedure should be practiced for a minimum of five to six months. The mixture should always be prepared instead of being prepared in bulk and stored for future use, because if it is preserved, the mixture may lose medicinal properties. This treatment will have no side effects, and to accelerate re-pigmentation, one should take a bath frequently (better use a bath gel without soap) and should expose the skin to normal sunlight.

Those who do not have time to prepare this every day can also use a radish seed refining peel, it may not be as effective as the usual method, but it is still a useful aid to revitalize the skin. Vitiligo can be treated and cured by natural methods at home without spending a fortune on conventional methods, which are not completely effective. See the   Natural Vitiligo Treatment System.



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