12 Excellent Benefits of Onions to Support your Health!


Onions are widely used as a product of the food we make every day. Basically they are used in food preparation or in fresh vegetable salads. In this article we will be talking about the health benefits of onions, as you will see they have medicinal properties and are the basis of many natural remedies to relieve and treat some diseases or disorders.

Onion Benefits:

· Onions Strengthen the Immune System:

Onions are full of vitamin C, which is the essential component in building the body’s immunity; a better immune system means a healthier body.

· Onion Helps You Control Blood Sugar Levels:

Onions contain compounds such as chromium that help keep blood sugar levels under control, although they may have a slightly sweet taste sometimes has an opposite effect on each person’s sugar levels.

· Onions are Good for Fighting Infections:

For centuries, onions have been used to treat infections, inflammations and viruses that seemed deadly. Onion was a miracle vegetable to treat inflammations and infectious viruses in the ancient era and was considered a remedy that in current science has proven to be true.

· Heart Disease Prevention:

Having raw onions with food increases the production of good fats that not only help keep your heart healthy, but also keep your cholesterol level under control.

· Onions is a Natural Remedy for Insomnia:

Making a juice of any type of onion, whether red, white or green and taking 4 tablespoons before going to bed helps in the treatment of insomnia.

· In Dog Bites Helps to Disinfect:

Crushed onions, added to honey and then applying the onions on the area affected by the dog’s bite helps to get rid of the poison that may have caused rabies or other illness or related infections. Use this remedy but do not forget to see a doctor if a dog bites you.

· Onion Promotes Digestion:

Onions help in the digestion of food, as it increases the body’s metabolism. It also helps the functionality of the liver and spleen and gets rid of swelling and other stomach related problems. They must be raw foods or juice for best results.

· Natural Remedy with Onion for Jaundice:

A home remedy for jaundice, cut the onion in half and put it in a bowl full of vinegar or lemon juice. After a while, when the onion are soaked take an onion a day and eat them by applying black pepper or salt to taste. Eating daily for a minimum week would make the disease go away.

· Urinary Problems:

Another home remedy is that one should put 50gms of onion in a liter of water and boil. After it has been boiled you must add the honey and take the solution, 2 tablespoons for 3 days.

“This remedy helps with urinary problems such as infections or problems urinating”.

· Onions Protect You from Decay and Bad Breath:

Eating raw onions kills the harmful bacteria responsible for tooth decay and also stops bad breath.

· Onions Protect Your Heart:

A lot of researchers in the United States are of the opinion that onion help against the formation of blood clots, which means that blood flows through the body without any interruption and that the heart remains in a condition of healthy work

· Hangover Onions:

Onion juice may help relieve the effects of alcoholic intoxication, but you better drink in moderation.



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