7 Health Benefits of Jamu Drink You Should Know!


Jamu drink is traditional made from Indonesian herbs. Jamu is composed of some selected herbaceous plants and spices. When formulated in the right way, jamu has as many health benefits as pharmacy drugs. Traditional ham is made with natural and traditional processes, and is one of the legacies of Indonesian ancestors. Traditional jamu is found in traditional kiosks, although today there are many drug factories that make instant ham. But, of course, the taste is different, since the traditional ham is fresher. In fact, here are the health benefits of jamu juice.

Here are some of the most popular jamu drinks, including their health benefits:

Beras Kencur (Cutcherry):

Beras Kencur is one of the most popular hams. It is made from extracts of kaempferia galanga, rice, ginger and tamarind. The taste is sweet and refreshing, due to palm sugar as a sweetener. This jamu can be consumed by children and adults.

7 Health Benefits of Jamu That You Should Know

The health benefits of this jamu are:

1. Increase the Resistance:

It is very suitable for hard workers, because Beras Kencur has the benefits of eliminating fatigue, weakness, and eliminating muscle aches. Sometimes, this jamu is called traditional daily doping because it is made from selected herbs that have no dangerous side effects.

2. Treat Gastric Problems:

Eating beras kencur is also good for treating the gastric problem. Vitamin B in beras kencur can promote the health of gastric walls. The difference with other gastric drugs is that this jamu has no side effects.

3. Increases Appetite:

Another health benefit of jamu beras kencur is increased appetite, especially in children and sick people. It is not difficult to make children drink this jamu, since they like the sweet taste. In addition, according to the ingredients that this type of ham contains, we can find the benefits of the juice of jamu of each

4. Neutralizes Toxins:

Turmeric has been known for centuries as a remedy to keep the liver healthy by neutralizing toxins, so the liver can “rest” for a while. The high antioxidants contained in turmeric can fight free radicals, thus preventing premature aging and degenerative diseases.

5. Natural Dietary Drink:

It can regularly help reduce weight, especially after giving birth. This is one of the reasons why many women like to consume it.

6. Regulates the Menstrual Cycle:

 Normal women have a regular menstrual cycle. But when a woman is stressed or experiencing too much fatigue, the menstrual cycle can be irregular.

“One of the herbal remedies to regulate the menstrual cycle is jamu”.

It also helps reduce dysmenorrhea (menstrual pain) and leukorrhea. Since this jamu can speed up menstruation, this jamu is prohibited for pregnant women.

7. It is Very Good for Nursing Mothers:

Regular consumption promotes the production of breast milk, eliminates body odor and cures swelling.

Caution with Overdose of Jamu Drink:

Now, jamu is considered a medicinal herb, so we should consume it moderately. Excessive consumption can lead to overdose and poisoning, just like any other drug. Indonesia, especially the island of Java, is home to ham drinks. When consumed regularly, we can get the health benefits of jamu just like the medicines in the store. Today, modern jamu factories already produce instant ham drinks, which are exported all over the world. If we live in Indonesia, or travel to Indonesia, we can try to consume ham drinks, to obtain health benefits of Indonesian natural herbs.



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