15 Benefits of Alum for Various Medical Treatments!


People can hear that alum is one of the chemical compounds. But not all people understand that there are apparently some specific health benefits of alum. This is a surprising fact that single alum can react with other chemicals and bring many advantages for several things. Therefore, it is not surprising if this compound is frequently used in the treatment of health mainly skin health.

History of Alum:

Alum is a compound that comes from Europe. It has a specific colorless color and more white. In addition, alum has been used for many years for various treatments. It has been known since ancient times that alum can be used for various applications. But in the 20th century, this compound learns benefit from medical perspective as well.

Therefore, alum now occurs in many countries and is one of the easiest compounds to obtain. As a double sulfate salt, this compound can bring many advantages in a different medical way. But to achieve its optimal benefits, it cannot be presented as a single compound. Normally, it is presented as a mixture with potassium and ammonium. Where the most common available mixture is potassium and aluminum sulfate that benefits from many things.

Benefits of Alum and How to Use it:

There are many uses and benefits of alum for health. Therefore, make sure you know the benefits first, then apply them as needed. For more specific benefits and uses of this compound, see the points below:

1. Avoid Acne:

One of the famous benefits of alum is to use it as an anti-acne. Therefore, many acne medications also contain this compound to help relieve acne. However, apparently this treatment can also work at home. If it is interesting to try the treatment, see below the use of alum to prevent skin acne.

  • Mix a teaspoon of alum powder and egg white.
  • Add some rose water in the mixture.
  • First clean the surface of the face with water.
  • Apply the mixture to the surface of the face and wait 15 minutes.
  • Rinse your face with warm water and slowly slide with a dry towel.
  • For a better result, do this treatment 1-2 times in a week.

2. Anti-Bacteria:

Another famous advantage of alum is to act as an antibacterial. This is the basis by which this compound is good for preventing acne.

“The antibacterial ability will lead to preventing infections of germs in the skin and will result in a healthier and better skin surface condition”.

In order to use alum as an antibacterial ingredient, it can be applied in the manner mentioned above. It is the same way as using this compound to fight acne. But for a more specific use of alum for other bacterial infections, see the following explanations below.

3. Astringent:

Not only is it good as an antibacterial, but it is also good as an astringent. Therefore, applying this product on the face area will help to manage a healthy surface of the skin face and also prevent any skin infection.

4. Avoid Inflammation:

Other uses and benefits of alum for health, even to help as an anti-inflammatory. Therefore, when you have experience with inflamed skin or body, the compound can be a good way to help with faster healing. In addition, it also deals with pain. To get this optimal benefit, make the following lists of steps.

  • If you have a sore throat, mix some alum powder with turmeric. Add some water and then boil it. Turn off the heat and let it cool for several minutes. Then, take it several times until the throat feels better. Other options are to gargle with this mixture every several hours.
  • If you have skin inflammation, mix alum powder with rose water. Apply to the inflamed skin area 2-3 times a day. Do this until the inflamed area improves. For the best benefit, it is also mixed with a bath salt.

5. Body Odor:

Alum is also famous for helping to deal with body odor. Therefore, many perfume and deodorant fabrics industries use the alum compound as an effective ingredient. In addition, it is not an expensive compound either. Therefore, it is easy to do at home too. For more details on how to use the compound as a body deodorant, perform the following steps:

  • Get some amounts of alum blocks.
  • Prewash the arm area first.
  • Apply it under the armpits directly.
  • It can also be applied by mixing with rose water.
  • For the best result, always use it after a shower.

6. Wrinkle Appearance:

Using alum as one of the best treatments for the appearance of wrinkles is also a good option. Therefore, it may be another way for those who want to look younger naturally. To get this benefit, easily follow some simple steps below:

  • Have an alum block that you can usually get at a medical store.
  • Wet the alum blocks with water.
  • Rub this wet block into the area of ​​the skin that appears to wrinkle.
  • Repeat this step several times and do it for several minutes.
  • Rinse face with warm water.
  • Add additional serum or moisturizer that works to prevent wrinkles.
  • If you want to get the best result, do this treatment frequently until your face feels tight.

7. Cracked Heels:

Other amazing benefits of alum also help with cracked heel symptoms. It is common for us with high and intense walking activity to get this problem. But don’t worry at all, by using alum, this problem can be solved and the cracked heels can be smoother again. Here are some steps to follow if you want to address this problem.

  • Get some small amounts of alum block.
  • Heat it over the pan until it crumbles.
  • Let it cool and then mix with coconut oil.
  • Apply to the area of ​​cracked heels.
  • Do this treatment several times until cracking is missing and your heels feel smoother.

8. Eye Abscess:

It is also good to help with the eye abscess. This is an awkward situation and leads to an unpleasant activity. Therefore, to wish with the safe healing of the ocular abscess, perform the following steps:

  • Put some alum paste on the area of ​​the eye abscess.
  • For optimal results, add some alum blocks that are rubbed with sandalwood.
  • Apply this mixture several times until the eye abscess improves.

9. Avoid Diarrhea:

As mentioned earlier, that alum is a good antibacterial agent that leads to several infections. One of the benefits includes avoiding the possibility of experiencing diarrhea. It is known that diarrhea occurs due to a bacterial infection that induces the stomach. Therefore, to address this issue, there are several things to do if you prefer to use alum as a medicine or treatment. Below the lists are the common forms.

  • Roast some small amounts of alum powder.
  • Mix this roasted alum powder with warm water.
  • Add honey or lemon for a better flavor.
  • Consume the mixture until diarrhea is up.
  • Avoid consuming the mixture frequently, as it could endanger health.

10. Digestive Treatment:

You can also work to help with any digestive problem. Therefore, those experiencing stomach gas or heartburn can also be treated with this compound. Do the same ways to prepare the alum mixture for diarrhea. Remember to consume the treatment only until the digestive feels better. If the digestive system has returned to normal functioning, stop consuming the alum mixture. Since this mixture is not for daily treatment to prevent disease, but more for a one-time treatment that works to cure the disease.

11. Bleeding Treatment:

Alum is also good for dealing with injuries. When injuries occur and cause non-stop bleeding, the use of an alum compound will help manage it. There is a simple way to eliminate bleeding. Make the list below to achieve this advantage:

  • Get some alum powder and mix with a small amount of water.
  • Make a thick paste of these mixtures to help an easier application around the wound.
  • First rinse the wound with clean water.
  • Apply the mixture to the bleeding area and wait until the bleeding stops.

12. Skin Whitening:

Another famous benefit of the compound is to use it as a skin treatment. It has been known for many years that alum also benefits resulting in bleaching skin. In addition, it can help clean the surface of the skin and help the skin pigment become brighter. Therefore, it is common for the skin clinic to use this compound as one of the important ingredients. If you ask about how to produce a homemade alum lotion, see the list of points below.

  • Get some amounts of alum powder.
  • Wet the alum powder with rose water or warm water.
  • Apply to the surface of the skin 1-2 times a day by rubbing it throughout the skin area.
  • Leave it for several minutes until it is absorbed into the skin.
  • Rinse the skin with warm water and dry with a towel.
  • After several weeks, the skin may look clearer and brighter.

13. Smooth and Younger Skin:

Not only is it good for skin whitening, alum is also good for producing soft, youthful skin as well. Therefore, this is a good ingredient to deal with a beautiful skin result. In addition, it is also a common treatment for those who want better skin health. Therefore, apply the alum mixture as mentioned above to obtain the best smooth and youthful appearance of the skin. Remember to limit the use of alum to avoid unwanted effects.

14. Gum Treatment:

Many people advise that alum is also a good way to help with gum problems. Therefore, it is common to use alum to gargle or heal with bleeding or gum lesions. To obtain this benefit, there are some steps that can be followed as detailed below:

  • Get some small amounts of alum powder.
  • Boil some water and then turn off the heat and put the powder.
  • For a better benefit, mix it with a pinch of salt too.
  • Use the strain of this mixture of alum powder, water and salt to rinse your mouth.
  • Gargle several times.
  • Do it until the swollen gum or irritated mouth improves.
  • This can be done for every several hours to adjust the relief.

15. Treat Hemorrhoids:

Some people also mention that using alum will also help hemorrhoids. In principle, hemorrhoids are related to fewer drinking and digestive problems. Therefore, if alum works for the digestive system, then it should also be able to cure hemorrhoids. In addition, alum is also good for treating inflammation and swollen vein. Therefore, it will work to soothe hemorrhoid pain as well. For more details on this cure, follow the following lists:

  • Take some alum powder.
  • Mix with warm water suggesting to mix in a bathtub consisting of warm water.
  • Sit for about 15 minutes until the pain is reduced and the swollen vein shrinks.
  • Repeat this activity 1-2 times a day until the hemorrhoids end.

Alum Side Effects:

Even this compound has many health benefits, on the other hand, it has several side effects as well. However, these side effects are not categorized as highly dangerous. Therefore, it is better to consult the following recommendation for a more detailed explanation of the possible effects of using alum.

  1. Alum is a unique compound that is recommended for external use only. Therefore, avoid swallowing this compound or use this as an internal remedy without further information.
  2. If you need to use alum as an internal medicine, make sure you know the combinations of compounds with other minerals. Such as consuming it as aluminum hydroxide, potassium aluminum phosphate or other chemical compounds considered safe.
  3. A pregnant mother will consult with the caregiver first before using this compound as a treatment, as it could affect and endanger the fetus.
  4. Keep the compound in a safe place and reach children. Because it could endanger if children ingest it and cause unwanted side effects.
  5. People with any medical treatment should consult the doctor before applying this treatment to prevent any medical prescription from interfering.

Through all the benefits of alum for health, the skin can get better and better. However, precautions will also be an important thing. Therefore, always use this compound properly and avoid any possible danger.



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