13 Amazing Benefits of Water Kefir for Improving Health!


The benefits of water kefir for health makes it a drink that is giving much to talk about due to its rich source of vitamins and the unique and explosive taste. It is a very natural drink that is packed with powerful probiotics, which is beneficial to the immune system, and this drink is simple to make, the ingredients are easy, in this article he learned more closely.

What Water Kefir?

Also known as fruit kefir, this is a very popular drink that is obtained based on kefir that is rich in probiotics which contains a great source of good and healthy bacteria and yeasts, as well as nutrients for the body. Kefir is a very old drink; it is first discovered in the Caucasus mountains. Hence, this food is still well known throughout Europe, also in southwestern Asia, Russia and in the United States where it is very typical in people who follow veganism.

Why Consume Kefir Water?

Water kefir is mainly chemical and dairy free, and has a rich and refreshing taste, apart from being very light. Many people consider it as a lemonade or a very soft fruit water; it is usually made in combination with sugar water or fruit set. So you can combine and mix this drink with fresh fruit, vanilla, and honey to enhance the pleasant taste. Therefore, it may be an alternative option such as a sweet drink.

Benefits of Water Kefir:

The benefits of kefir for health, are very broad, it is a very easy to obtain but valuable in terms of its properties, ideal for cooling and at the same time protecting the body, know here the main benefits of this drink.

1. Rich in Probiotics:

 Mainly one of the most outstanding health benefits of kefir is that it is totally probiotic. These types of bacteria are beneficial, they are found in the intestines playing an important role in all aspects of health, from preventing the onset of cancer to proper immune function and many more. According to some studies, kefir even contains up to 56 different strains of bacteria and yeasts. Some of the most common good bacteria in kefir include Lactobacillus, Lactococcus, Streptococcus and Leuconostoc

2. Prevents Cancer:

Water kefir can contribute to the fight against cancer. Although the studies are based on laboratories, researchers believe that kefir helps prevent and develop certain types of cancers. `This natural food is effective in preventing the development of cancer cells. Thanks to the fact that probiotics strengthen and protect the immune system, which makes kefir contribute against cancer.

3. Strengthens the Immune System:

Water kefir acts as a way to prevent the presence of certain diseases, as mentioned before kefir contains good bacteria that causes the immune system to strengthen. The consumption of kefir daily or partial during the week plays an important role in all aspects, since it prevents any harmful source such as viruses, bacteria and thus the immune system will be protected and less likely to get sick. So, in conclusion, kefir does a great job thanks to probiotic strains that reduce the danger of intestinal infections.

4. Does not Contain Dairy:

It is known that kefir is made from cows or goat’s milk, which results in a thick, rich food full of probiotics. But in this case the kefir is made with sugar water with sweet fruits such as figs, apricots, peaches, which gives it its great flavor and benefits. Water kefir is widely consumed by vegan people, and they are lactose intolerant. Especially those people, who consume a vegan diet without dairy products, are the perfect way to develop the amount of probiotics and stimulate intestinal health, while no animal products are needed.

5. Good Taste and Simple to Prepare:

The good taste of kefir and the simplicity of preparation make it an easy drink, the taste of water kefir is very variable depending on the fruit you want to use.

6. Increase Energy:

The amount of nutrients contained in kefir will help increase energy levels; water kefir is a good alternative to consume before training and after finishing.

7. Allergy Prevention:

Allergy symptoms may vary from one to another. As described above, kefir is the best option for those of you who cannot consume dairy, due to the allergy caused by cow’s milk. In addition, the probiotics in kefir water also help fight viruses and bacteria. As a result, it participates in the prevention of diseases and allergies that may occur.

8. Anti-inflammatory Action:

By consuming water kefir, it allows you to meet your body’s needs. Water kefir has been shown to help cure some diseases such as indigestion, nausea and diarrhea. In fact, this drink acts as an anti-inflammatory for the body. Other fruits and vegetables can also prevent inflammation. You can add nuts, watermelon, broccoli and avocados as a flavor in your kefir.

9. Risk Free of Suffering from Candida Albicans:

Candida albicans is a type of yeast that produces a series of fungal infections. Some studies show that water kefir contributes to the reduction of candida problems. This is due to the reaction of bacteria and yeasts. However, this benefit of kefir water needs more study to be more convincing.

10. Maintains the Function of the Heart:

The heart is a very important organ, and the water of kefir that can improve its health. This is due to the presence of lactic acid contained in the kefir that can help maintain healthy and stable heart function.

11. Help Irritable Bowel Syndrome

High doses of probiotics in kefir water help cure irritable bowel syndrome. This natural treatment offers you an alternative to choose from. It is known that by eating foods rich in probiotics, you can help reduce the risk of intestinal inflammation.

12. Improves Asthma:

One of the solutions to prevent asthma is water kefir. This drink shows that it has positive effects in the treatment of asthma and provides anti-inflammatory nutrients that are beneficial for asthma prevention.

13. Bone Health:

It is a necessity to make sure you have healthy bones. In fact, bones are the main structure of our body. In the same way, the health of our bones is linked to the presence of calcium, magnesium and manganese in our body. The absence of these nutrients can lead to some bone diseases. Most people consume milk to stimulate the calcium composition of our body. For this reason, people who are vegan or who have allergic milk symptoms may choose water kefir as an option. One study found that consuming kefir grains from water will help improve bone density and reduce the risk of osteoporosis. At this point, it is due to a better absorption of nutrients, which includes magnesium, calcium, vitamin D and phosphorus. Then, you can choose kefir to meet the nutrient requirements for bone health. You can simply consume it regularly or mix it with fresh fruit juice.



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