5 Facial Exercises That Will Make You Age More Slowly!


Everyone wants to look younger without having to resort to expensive facial creams or dangerous surgeries to get the results they want. Did you know that simple facial exercises can help you age more slowly? It doesn’t take long to make them and, best of all, they are absolutely free! According to a Northwestern Medicine study, a 30-minute facial exercise program performed daily or on alternate days over a period of 20 weeks improved the facial appearance of a group of middle-aged women. Dermatologists rated the participants’ age based on appearance at the beginning and end of the study and concluded that the participants looked three years younger, on average! In today’s stressed world, people tend to tense their facial muscles, which can give the appearance of looking older. Therefore, learning to relax the muscles of the face can help you look (and feel) younger and happier. We are sure that you will benefit from the following quick facial exercises that you can do anywhere.

Here are Five Facial Exercises That Make You Age More Slowly:

1. Turkey Neck Tensioner:

While this list includes facial exercises that help you age more slowly, a toned neck can help you look younger too. This exercise helps prevent the “turkey neck” that can result from sagging skin due to aging. To perform this exercise, simply lift your chin and tilt your head back until the skin under the jaw is firm. Push the lower jaw forward while pressing the tongue down and take out the lower lip. Hold for 30 seconds and then repeat a couple more times.

2. Against Dark Eye Circles:

A sure way to age more slowly is to keep those dark circles under your eyes. While remembering to breathe deeply, simply look up with your eyes until you feel slight tension. Keep your head forward and your shoulders relaxed. This will feel like you’re looking inside your eyes, but don’t panic. Hold this position for 30 seconds and repeat four times.

3. Improving Cheeks:

A research study found that training smile muscles can improve muscle conditioning and make patients look younger after corrective dental surgery. Therefore, if you want to age more slowly and improve your smile, be sure to include this exercise in your regimen. For this exercise, simply pinch the corners of your mouth while smiling as wide as possible.

“You will feel a resistance in the facial muscles that will help you lift your cheeks and improve your smile”.

4. Upper Eye Elevator:

Positive thinking can certainly help you look and feel younger, but exercising for your upper eyes can also give you a younger appearance. With the three middle fingers of both hands, press the fingertips against the bottom line of the eyebrows. While frowning, gently press your fingers in and up; this will create resistance and help lift your eyes.

5. Clavicle Definition:

Although this is not a facial exercise, having a defined clavicle will help accentuate your neck and make you look younger. With the neck turned, rotate the opposite shoulder forward about two to three inches until you see a hollow triangle shape between the neck and the clavicle. Repeat for each side.

Final Thoughts:

We hope you get incredible results from these exercises that will help you age more slowly. If you want to look younger, try doing this daily or on alternate days to get the best results. Also, be sure to eat many fresh, whole foods and drink adequate amounts of water. Avoid things that make you look older, such as smoking, drinking heavily and eating processed foods with added sugar.


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